Sunday, September 6, 2009

TGIS (Thank God It's Sunday)

What a weekend. That's all I'm going to say: what a weekend. Friday night was a great night with the gang. We went to Stallarna after ordering pizza at my place. That's three, count 'em, three pubs we have here on campus. And I've been to every single one. That's not pathetic, right?

Saturday was supposed to be my "work-on-paper day". We all know how that turned out. Instead, I went to town with the gang to do some shopping and such. I got a Swedish flag for my wall (hooray for one non-bare wall!), a bike light for my bike (thanks a lot Madison.. I'll bet you ten bucks it never makes it onto my bike. You and your "let's follow the law!" ways..), a not-so-great lunch, and a couple of Kex bars (think Kit-Kat bars, but they give you more for the money. Delicious). We came back, and got ready for the Welcome Party the VIS group put on for the exchange program. Everyone looked pretty snazzy with their nice outfits on. The program was awesome--funny, good food, and met up with friends. They introduced many Swedish icons, and when the final icon came on (ABBA), as corny/sappy/lame as this sounds, I felt at home. Some call this the "honeymoon stage" of studying abroad (I'm never moving on to the negogiation phase, Tommy), but whatever. This place rocks.

After that we all went to yet another pub, Stedlagan (or Stedladen? Stedladan? .. who really remembers?). This was free for all exchange students, so that was nice for my wallet. Good music, good people, awesome time. I finally met up with my Buddy, Linda! She's hilarious and awesome. Glad to finally have met her!

On a sadder note, my whole world collapsed last night when another friend of mine from Sweden, Emelie, informed me that none of my Swedish curse words/phrases exist. I would have been perfectly fine with her informing me that my pronunciation sucked (because, let's face it--it does), but no. Doesn't exist. I've been practicing them for all this time, and they don't even exist?! I felt like I was slapped in the face. Don't get me wrong, she was incredibly nice about it and laughing and such, but still.. they don't exist. Looks like I have to go through the learning of the curse words process all over again. Crap.

Today the gang and I went to the gym. No classes that made me want to die today, though. Just ran for 40 minutes, worked out on a couple machines, did some weights, and called it a day. The other day I did run into my instructor for Bodycombat. She asked me where I was from, what I was studying, etc., and asked if I was coming to class that day. I told her we were going to Bodypump, but that I would be there Tuesday. I swear she's trying to be nice to me so she can get me to come back, where she'll make me unleash hell on myself. Which will be this coming Tuesday. Anyway, to celebrate a good night at the gym, I bought some delicious food to chow down on when I got home. For dinner, I had a hot dog, complete with cheese, mustard, and ketchup, some french fries (which, by the way, were $1.5o. For a bag of french fries. Now do you understand why I'm in heaven here?), and for dessert, some ginger snaps and the rest of my Kex bar. And before you say it: I know, I know. In the end, I worked out for nothing. Oh well. My hot dog was worth it.

Today (well... tonight) I finished my paper. Turned out to be about 7 pages, single-spaced. The professor told us to space whatever we wanted, and it couldn't be past ten pages long, so I spaced them at 1.5. Turned out to be almost exactly 10 pages long. Am I ecstatic? Heck yes! For some reason, I enjoy writing to the maximum amount of text you can have. Call me crazy, but that's how it is. And now what will I do with the rest of my night, you might ask? Easy! Sit down with my text book, get fifty pages of reading done, maybe start on my second paper, and go to sleep. This whole "have lecture at 8 in the morning until noon" thing is not really for me.

Until next time, hej då alla.

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