Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Terrible Three's

It's been a while since the last update, and a lot has happened since then. Oh yeah, and not much has been good, either. In fact, last week was my "terrible three's" week.

Earlier last week, my camera broke (Terrible Three Thing, #1). So, I had to dish out money for a new one; how else will everyone be able to look at terrible pictures?! So that was a bit of a bummer; luckily my financial aid came through so I was able to allocate some funds for a new camera.

Then, my wireless router broke (Terrible Three Thing, #2). Which means I get to walk all the way to the library to use the internet for homework, facebook, papers, facebook, e-mail, facebook, among other things. It's really a drag. I have to head back to the PC store on campus (you remember.. the one where the employee hated me for coming back three times in one day? Yeah, he's going to really despise me after this). I really need internet in the room. Hopefully it will get fixed today.

And then, last Wednesday, when I was looking for a camera replacement, I discovered that my bike was stolen in the town center (Terrible Three Thing, #3). Seriously. Who steals a bike that looks like it was manufactured in the late '50's? It's a good thing the stupid thing cost me 30 bucks; otherwise I would be very upset. So now I get to walk everywhere, unless Madison drives us all to wherever we need to go.

On a brighter note, my week did get tremendously better last Wednesday (or was it Thursday...?) night. The gang got together and had a late-night barbeque by the castle and lake around 9:00. Nothing like a disposable grill, hot dogs/hamburgers/veggie burgers, pitch black darkness, and flashlights on our cell phones to make the night interesting. We all smelled like smoke, but we all had a great time.

Went to Bodypump last week. I honestly felt like death by the end. It really makes a difference when you use real weights, let me tell you. And it seems that no matter what class I take, Pink's "So What" song is on the playlist, so naturally when the line that says, "you're a tool.." comes on, I think of back home, driving to and from school with Lyndie.

But enough reminiscing for one day. I have to read a chapter for Swedish for Thursday, get together for our last group paper, finish Pippi Longstocking, and read the last chapter in my Marketing book. That's right: I read a 700 page textbook in a little under two weeks. How much do I remember from it? Not much. But that's still an accomplishment.

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