Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So today I spent my day in a library. Almost all day. On the third official day of classes. What's wrong with this picture? Been working on a ten-page, single spaced paper due in a week and half, with the intention of beginning and finishing another ten-page, single spaced paper due the week after. All while reading a 700 page book due in 4 weeks. While taking two other classes. They say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I disagree. I believe whatever doesn't kill you just makes you feel like you wished it had. But I'm not complaining here, and I am not depressed. Just a tad bit stressed, that's all.

Yesterday Rachel, Tommy, Madison and I (for the record, from now on, I will describe the four of us as 'the gang'. Writing all the names out for each post just pushes me a little more towards carpel tunnel) went to the gym and tried out the Bodycombat. You know, the one where "you are totally unleashed". They're not kidding when they say, "unleashed". I think a better description to use here would be "you are totally dead and lifeless by the end". For those who Turbo Jam, it's worse than Chalene. At least she smiles while she's slowly killing you. But I digress. It was an awesome workout, and I hope to do it very soon (aka, tomorrow). This gym really knows how to make a person sweat.

Tomorrow is another full day of class for me. I plan on riding my bike into town (15 minute ride) to get printer paper, and then it's lectures from 12-4 for International Marketing. Should be okay; most of the stuff I have seen before so it's not too bad. It's this ten page paper that's getting me. And I don't have the book yet, still. UPS was supposed to drop it off, but they left a note that said they tried. Whatever that means.

It's hard to contemplate that I've been here for a week already. Time is going by incredibly fast. Re-arranged my room so that it is more uniform. There is no longer an empty side anymore, which is good.

But, my time of procrastination is long gone. I'm only on page 4, so I have a while to go. As a treat to all you readers out there, here are a couple more photos of the campus.

(One of the lakes that surrounds the campus)
(The main building)

(The castle on campus. Pretty sweet, no?)


  1. Hi bud!

    Hang in there, it's soon weekend! You should check with your teacher about the spacing in the text. At my university we have to follow certain rules about that (if I'm not mistaken, we have spacing set to 1.5 cm), so it's definitely worth asking if you are unsure!

  2. The castle is cool! Can you go inside it?? Glad to hear that they are requiring you to put forth some small effort with coursework!!