Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update To The Previous Post

So, looking back, I forgot to include one movie that I watched this week in my movie-review-marathon:


Hamlet 2: How could I forget to review this one? Many have not heard of this film, due it being picked up at an Independent Film festival, but it's amazing. The first hour or so sucks, but the last half an hour by far compensates for its quality-lacking first half. The plot is simple: a sterile man, who is trying to become a father, has to face the fact that the school at which he is employed is closing down the theater department. He's a washed up actor who only had a tiny role on Xena, Princess Warrior, and with a plethora of new students who are forced to take his class, writes a play of his own (his previous productions were all adaptations of feature films--like Erin Brokovich. I'm not kidding) about Hamlet going back in time to stop the deaths of his family members. Needless to say, it's hilarious. Plus, the musical at the end contains two distinct songs: Raped In The Face and Rock Me Sexy Jesus (a throw back to the do-wop songs of the 50's). Look them up on youtube. With songs such as these, how can you go wrong? (B+)

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