Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Quick Update

I haven't written in a week, so I thought I would update everyone a little on what has been happening. Short answer: nothing.

Last week's Swedish class was canceled (Best. Day. Ever.), so it was nice to be able to sleep in and do absolutely nothing. And by absolutely nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. I don't think I left the room at all that day. Yeah. It was a good day. Turns out this entire week of Swedish is cancelled as well (Best. Week. Ever.). So it's like my own little fall break! Thursday night Madison, Rachel, and I are heading down to Copenhagen for the weekend to visit Madison's sister and brother-in-law (the one who got hit by Gerri Halliwell, aka Slutty Spice), so that should be fun!

This weekend went by incredibly fast. Didn't do much though, except for spilling red wine all over my new white sweatshirt. Yeah. Not cool. Madison scrubbed it to death in the pub's bathroom, and I discovered a new spot when I got home, so I scrubbed it to death again in my own bathroom. Talk about stress.

Last night Roma (Rachel's awesome roommate) and Rachel hosted a movie night... which included Roma's friend Christianne (I completely butchered that... apologies!) and I. Fact: Staying Alive may very well be the worst movie ever made. No, wait. That honor goes to Waterworld. Correction: Staying Alive may very well be the second worst movie ever made. I understand that the 80's was a time of crappy dance movies with sub-par acting (I'm looking at you, Flashdance.. who conveniently has a bucket of water in their apartment to douse themselves with?!), but this just takes the cake. It made me dislike John Travolta as a person. And Sylvester Stallone for that matter. Don't try and direct a dance flick. Stick to Rambo and Rocky; at least you don't have to act to beat the crap out of other people. Needless to say, it was a terrible, terrible, terrible movie, and it made me realize how better off I was to grow up in the 90's rather than the 80's.

On a sadder note, the trip to Russia and Finland has been canceled. The cost didn't justify the experience I would have had sitting on a bus for 8 days to see a city a day. Not worth it. But, have no fear, because a new trip has surfaced instead. A friend from the U of M, who has been studying in Germany, wants to go somewhere for Thanksgiving, and so we both decided on a place. Get jealous, people. I will be spending Thanksgiving this year in Athens, Greece. It's going to be sweet, and somewhat cheap from what I saw for hostels/airfare. Much cheaper, and better, than Russia.

That's pretty much about it. Rachel and I are looking at airfare right now for our trip to Germany/Amsterdam/Paris in a couple weeks; looking forward to that one. Man am I going to be dirt poor when I get back to the states. But it will be completely worth it.

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