Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Not Roger Ebert Or Anything...

but seeing as how my weekend was entirely spent playing Half-Life 2 and watching movies, I've decided to dedicate a post to my ratings of all the movies I have watched in the last week. Oh, by the way, there's a considerable amount. You have been warned.

Star Trek: I'm going to admit it: I've never been a Trekkie. Ever. In fact, I've never seen an episode or movie of the franchise before this. But when you hear that J.J. Abrams is directing a new movie, it doesn't matter what the movie is about--it's J.J. Abrams, for God's sake! With hit shows like Alias and Lost, not to mention Cloverfield and Mission Impossible 3, the man has made a name for himself. Star Trek was great; it's no Star Wars, but it's still good nonetheless. (A-)

File:As It Is in Heaven film.jpg

Så Som I Himmelen: A Swedish film that was nominated in the states for a Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. Granted, I've seen it once back home in Swedish class, but it just felt different watching it over here. Probably because I recognized all of the little things that people do/eat/say over here. I dunno. Definitely check it out--it's got English subtitles. (B+)

File:Jennifers body ver2.jpg

Jennifer's Body: Bad. Utterly terrible. Megan Fox, be glad you have Transformers and your hot looks to fall back on. Oh yeah, be glad you have Amanda Seyfried as a co-star. She's the film's only saving grace (in terms of acting ability) in this film. Diablo Cody, take note: Juno sucked almost as much. Stop trying to make things cool by incorporating current teenage phrases and trends in crap movies. It doesn't work. (C)

File:Hotel Rwanda movie.jpg

Hotel Rwanda: An incredibly good movie. Don Cheadle deserved an Academy Award for this. Really shed light on the Rwanda genocides; acting was well-done by everyone. (A-)


Adventureland: Wow. Just.. wow. Note to Kristen Stewart: you can't act. You never could. (Well.. maybe in Panic Room you could. But you had help from Jodie Foster.) Your smile? Nonexistent. Touching and playing with your hair in every movie does not constitute as acting, just to let you know. But I will give this to you: your acting was much better than Jesse Eisenberg's. The storyline was inredibly weak, the acting was terrible, and I'm getting annoyed with seeing Bill Hader in every comedy. You're not funny, dude. Terrible, terrible movie. (D)


Transformers 2: I'm warning you right now: this review will most likely skew the validity of the rest of my reviews. I highly enjoyed Transformers 2. The acting was terrible (I'm looking at you AGAIN Megan Fox.. although this time, from what I've read, is Michael Bay's fault), with the exception of Shia LaBeouf. It was downright bad. But in all seriousness, who goes to a Michael Bay film expecting top-notch acting? No, what the man does extremely well is destruction and explosions. Which this movie contains a plethora of. And they're awesome. Add to that, fighting robots. Fighting robots, people. I was a fan of the first one, and I'm a fan of this one as well. The CGI is top-notch. Looking forward to Transformers 3. (A-)

File:Schindler's List movie.jpg

Schindler's List: I have absolutely no idea why I decided to watch this film again. It's an amazing film, but one viewing is enough to last a lifetime. Whatever the reason, it was an incredibly melancholic film. The cinematography and acting were awe-inspiring; the grotesque images of inhumane extermination of innocent people are ones that stay with a person for a lifetime. Steven Spielberg once said it was an emotional hell making this film, and I'm going to counter that by saying it's an emotional hell watching it. There's a reason why the film is regarded by many critics as one of the Top Ten movies of all-time. Everyone needs to see this movie at least once--an amazing depiction of The Holocaust and the bravery of Oskar Schindler. (A+)

So, as you can see, I spent the entire weekend watching movies. I should point out, however, that it was due to an illness, not because I don't have a life. Now I have to decide what movies to watch the rest of this week--what a hard task.

Yes--school here is that hard.


  1. Adventureland wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible! I liked the retro feel in it. Ahh...the sweet 80's.

    I loved Transformers II! 10/10 from the Tomster.

  2. I also like Transformers.

    And I've never seen Schindler's List. It's on my to-watch movie list.

  3. I have both Hotel Rwanda and Schindler's List and I've watched them both more than once. Glad to see you gave them the appropriate "marks"! I've always said you watch the weirdest stuff! Sorry to hear that you were under the weather. Hope it wasn't swine flu---we have it here at good ole PRB!