Thursday, October 15, 2009


is my middle name. I even procrastinate packing for a trip. That's dedication, my friends. I'm leaving for Stockholm in less than an hour, and haven't even started. Sure, when I arrive in the big city I'll remember something I had forgotten to pack, but such is the life of a procrastinator. Almost all college students know what I'm talking about.

Looking forward to the big trip. I've wanted to see Stockholm since I was 11. That's right: 9 years. Not joking, either. I believe our agenda (wait, we have an agenda?) includes, but is not limited to: Skansen, Gamla Stan, Vasa Museum, and Royal Palace. So far. It's crazy to believe that less than a year ago I had to give a presentation on the Vasa ship and museum, and here I am visiting the actual site myself. It's going to be awesome. You'll definitely be reading a great post when I return; I'm sure with my luck I'll make a fool of myself or others in public in the big city. You just watch.

Today I had a Swedish presentation. An oral presentation. Been dreading this day for about a month--however, I wrote the paper on Sunday and memorized it all from Monday until today. Needless to say, while most of the class was reading from cards/typed papers, I recited the whole presentation by memory (she did say she did not want us reading off papers). I'm hoping that by not reading the report off a piece of paper, she'll give me extra points to make up for my lost points due to mispronounciation and such. Make sense? To summarize: I'm pretty sure it went pretty well, considering the level of Swedish I'm at now in comparison to the rest of the class. We'll see. I'm probably dead wrong.

Got my score on my final exam for International Marketing this week. Remember how I didn't study for it until the night before? Yeah. You'd never know--a 90% baby! Passed the class with a high B, low A (on the ECTS scale..meaning it's higher on the American scale). I love this school.

But, I suppose.. I should probably begin to pack. I'm pretty sure this whole procrastination thing is going to kick my butt when I return home to the states. Dangit. And I was really getting good at it, too.

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