Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Day of Work

So last night was my last night of work... Bummer.. And these past few shifts of mine have led me to start seriously contemplating what I'd miss most working at the good ol' DQ, and I've come up with an astounding answer: absolutely nothing at all.

Wait. I take that back. I'm going to miss the wonderful food. Especially flamethrower chicken wraps. Man, are those suckers good! I'm definitely going to miss those. And cheeseburgers. And cheese curds. And ice cream (by the way, this is going to sound nasty, but give a strawberry cookie dough blizzard. Seriously. It's a gift from God, I swear). Oh, and I'm going to miss the paychecks. Boy, were those paychecks one of my favorite things at the DQ! Okay, okay. I guess I'm also going to miss a few people here and there, but that's all I'm going to miss. I swear.

My last shift at the DQ didn't fail to live up to expectations. Walking into the store, I was greeted by crabby attitudes, a dirty kitchen, and unfilled freezers. What a shocker. But soon I was joined by Mrs. Pepin (did I spell that right?) and Krysta, followed by Kendra and Savannah. Which meant fun. And by fun, I mean things that actually made me feel like my soul wasn't being continuously sucked out by my place of employment. And that's always a good thing.

And then came one of the most memorable experiences I have had at the DQ. Krysta was filling up the ranch bottle, and I was talking to her about the movie Taken. Looking down, she realized she had over-filled the ranch bottle. And out came this completely awesome phrase from her mouth, in response to the over-filled ranch, that I will never forget: "Crap! I was so entranced by the idea of you being a sex slave." That right there is the reason why I've come back to the DQ every year. So thank you, Krysta, for not only making my job enjoyable, but also for suffering along with me.

By the end of the night (in which Krysta and I did our tradition--listen to Michael Jackson's Number Ones CD at least 5 times), we were itching to leave. Did I also mention that the ice cream machine broke? Yeah, the ice cream machine broke. Again, what a shocker. After our pizza party, complete with speeches and the signing of the "Gone For Good" sheet of ex-employees, we turned our attention to giving Kerrie our goodbye gift. Krysta and I sat her down in a chair in the back (don't worry, this was after we had closed and everyone left.. there was no way we'd do it in public), and put on Michael's "You Are Not Alone" to dedicate, and perform, to Kerrie. The first verse hadn't even begun and she busted into tears. I'm not talking about eyes welling up with tears. No, no. They literally exploded from her eyes. Which, of course, got Krysta in tears, leaving me to do all the singing. Which is never, ever a good thing. As we're stumbling through the song, forgetting about half of the lyrics and incorporating "la's" and "hms" here and there, we realized we should have memorized the lyrics earlier. That was a mistake on our part. Our bad. But the song went well (for those who have heard the song--in the end, when Mike hits that high note with the key change? Yeah, I hit that. Why I don't have a recording contract right now, I'll never know.), and I felt we somewhat did Michael some justice. But that's just me.

All in all, a great night to end a 6 year run at the DQ. Yes, you read that right. 6 years. And still no 401k. I feel I've been jipped for the past half a decade. But I digress. It was a good 6 years, and I just want to thank everyone for making it enjoyable.

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